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The Best CRM for Ezidebit – Tall Emu CRM

  • Control payments with automatic processes that reduce admin work
  • Schedules repeated or on demand payments
  • Tall Emu CRM connects with Ezidebit, securely managing customer’s bank details, payments and reconciliation

What is Ezidebit?

Ezidebit is a service that many Australian businesses use to help collect payments from their customers via direct debit and credit card payments.  Ezidebit streamlines the payment journey from the customer’s wallet to your own.


How Does Integrating Ezidebit with Tall Emu CRM Help Your Business?

  • Take control over cash flow by ensuring customer payments are collected on time, every time.
  • Ezidebit collects and manages these payments on your behalf and transfers settlement amounts to your bank daily, keeping you in control of the payment process, and your cash flow.
  • Works with both scheduled or on demand payments, for either fixed or variable amounts.
  • Tall Emu CRM connects with Ezidebit to securely manage (PCI Compliant) the customer’s bank details, and automatically take payments, process, reconcile to the client and transfer the details safely into your accounting system.
  • Integrating Ezidebit with Tall Emu CRM means a seamless payment solution that saves time and money and reduces unnecessary admin work.
  • Charge an unlimited number of customers in a batch
  • Manage subscriptions / membership renewals

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