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Gain insights to all aspects of your business with our flexible, customizable and intelligent CRM Software.

Watch a quick overview of Tall Emu CRM

Tall Emu CRM

Popular CRM Software Features

Tall Emu CRM is designed with the user in mind – it’s power comes from combining ease-of-use with the flexibility to take full advantage of our applications that streamline your business.

CRM Accounts Link

CRM Accounts Link

Tall Emu CRM talks to your accounting system to share data about customers, sales , products and payments. Save on data entry – never have your sales staff enter data directly into your accounts again.

Intelligent Inbox

Intelligent Inbox

When clients and leads email you, Tall Emu’s Inbox 360 Outlook plugin shows your team critical information about the relationship at a glance – from company profile, accountand support data, to sales history.

Automatic Call Logging

Automatic Call Logging

Any call can be logged automatically in the CRM software. The activity is time and date stamped and stored in the CRM software automatically against the customer and requires no extra effort from the salesperson.

Visualize With Dashboards

Visualize With Dashboards

Designed for sales teams and business owners to keep everyone motiviated and informed. Over 100 pre-built “widgets” to show a variety of sales, performance and operational data.

Quote Stream

Quote Stream

Say goodbye to sending static PDF quotes and say hello to online quoting. Send customers a link in an email or SMS to a stunning looking quote. They can ask questions or accept and pay.

Auto Bank Feed

Auto Bank Feed

Say goodbye to manually marking off payments against outstanding invoices and speed up the time to service your customers. Auto-match / allocate payments with Invoices. Works with every bank in Australia.

Tall Emu CRM

Easy CRM Software Integration

Our CRM Software was designed from the ground-up to play well with others. It’s easy to customise, easy to extend, and easy to integrate to suit your precise needs.


What Our Customers Say

I have worked with the Tall Emu system for over four years in two different businesses…the team and software have been outstanding. Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
Tall Emu have always produced everything they said they would and the results have certainly exceeded our expectations. Ash Collins, Director, Tuff Stuff Australia
Tall Emu offers unparalleled customization at its price point. Adam Pope, Managing Director, Fabulous Catering
Tall Emu CRM has a very intuitive interface and it’s easy to use. It has been very reliable in the three years I have been using it, and it is very customisable. David White, Director, Digital Kiwi Ltd
We absolutely love our new website! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also is technically superior and incredibly functional, as it interfaces with our Tall Emu CRM. Samantha Peters, Sales and Marketing Manager, Pastabilities
Tall Emu have a wide range of experience in the development of business systems which has proved very valuable to Firstfolio in enhancing our business automation and online systems. We would highly recommend them. Linda Cooper, Firstfolio
What’s especially impressive about the talk and actions emanating from Australia-based Tall Emu is a strong corporate culture that values communication, honesty, a willingness to talk openly about problems, a responsive attitude, open-mindedness, and respect. Scot Finnie, Editor in Chief, Computerworld
It is important we get high quality systems to keep up with the rapid growth and demands of today’s business needs. Tall Emu consistently delivers on this with its very flexible, powerful, adaptable capacity. Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
Yes, I would definitely recommend Tall Emu CRM. They are honest, reliable, hardworking, do what they say. It is great being able to deal with the Principals rather than staff who keep changing. We want them to be in business for a long time. Sharon Austin, General Manager, Peer Support Australia
Tall Emu developed a superior reporting solution that exceeded our company’s objectives and expectations. Their expert guidance through the project was invaluable. Rachel Pirie, Group Director of International Sales & Marketing, Staywell Group
Tall Emu CRM
Beyond CRM

The Data Driven Lifecycle

Our powerful CRM solution acts more like an ERP – not only does it increase the profitability of your business, but it streamlines the lifecycle processes in your marketing, sales, accounting, and service divisions.

Leads + Aquisitions

It’s possible to have your website send webform data or shopping cart sales directly to your CRM; automatically. You can also have product data, pricing levels from CRM published up to the web.

We remove redundant data entry and we can even send completed sales to your accounting systems. In addition we can show you how people found you so that you can have full lead and sale attribution reporting so you’ll know where to spend your marketing dollars.

Our powerful automation tools let you schedule rule-based follow up of your sales leads, including emails sent directly to the lead on a drip-feed, or reminding your sales team to follow up (inlcuding automatically scheduling calls).

Proposals + Quotes

Automate proposal & quote creation in MS Word mail merge – dynamically populated Word proposals. Writing proposals is a tedious task so it makes sense to create a template and change the bits that are relevant to the sales opportunity and customer’s needs.

The faster you get back to prospective clients, the more likely your quote is to be accepted. Tall Emu CRM streamlines the quoting process, and if you are currently quoting based on formulas in Excel spreadsheets we can streamline this and make it go away.

You can even track when someone starts looking at a quote – perfect for long sales cycles.

Invoicing + Getting Paid

If re-keying of data between databases, excel spreadshets and your accounting system cause inefficiencies in your business, Tall Emu CRM can help. We link with Australian banks and all major Australian accounting companies to eliminate the re-keying of data.

Our powerful CRM solution includes automated invoice reminders sent from your CRM directly to your clients.

Asking people to pay their account works – take this repetitive task away from your team and have the system do it for you, saving time and money and ensuring it is done.

Only by taking an honest look, and truely understanding the real data from your business processes can you find genuine opportunities to implement improvements to your business lifecycle.

How can Tall Emu CRM help your business grow?

Tall Emu CRM
Customer Service

Fanatical Support

With a CRM this powerful, we’re with you every step of the way. From the onboarding process to premium support for your organization, we want you to get the most out of your new CRM.

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