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Reports, Dashboards and KPIs

One of the most important aspects of a CRM is generating useful reports. Reporting is critical to helping management make better business decisions.

Stay on Top

Tall Emu will be the centre of your business. All leads, sales, stock, delivery, projects, task and financial data are accessed in the one place, making reporting powerful and streamlined.

Capture Data

Tall Emu integrates with accounting software, websites, payment gateways, phones and more to capture data automatically saving time on re-entering data.

Real Time

Not only does Tall Emu CRM contain historical data, but it also has real time data, so that you can make better decisions faster and see where your customers are in the sales cycle.

Report + Measure

Prebuilt or custom reports and filters gives the data you need quickly and in the format you need. The Kanban views can be used to quickly understand data. You can also set targets to measure performance and easily view on one screen.

Reporting and Performance Tracking

Keep Sales Alive by Setting up Drip Feed Marketing Campaigns is great way to convert more with less effort.

Kanban View

Easily view, drag & drop leads between stages of the sales funnel

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Task Management

Schedule tasks and events against your leads, customers, work orders & projects

Most Leads go through differant stages, use the stages that suit the opportunity

Customise Stages of your sales process

Define a sales pipeline that works for you. Customise your sales pipeline so it suits your needs precisely. Redefine the stages of your sales process according to your business definitions.

Intuitive view to get a clear picture of what stage and how many open ooportunies there are

Visualise Your Sales Process

Kanban view gives you an overall image of opportunities on the pipeline, letting you drag and drop leads to the right sales stage, mark leads as lost, won or reassign leads to different team members with ease.

Traditial Excel style view of Opportunities

Grid View

Grid view is a filterable excel-style view that lets you filter and sort items on the pipeline in a traditional way – create and save custom filters and layouts to drill into detail.

Within Tall Emu you can hunt for Prospects using a Map interface

Get More Leads

Prospect Hunter lets you search the map for leads and add them to CRM with one click – zoom in on any area, enter a business type and find leads that meet that criteria.

See Your Prospects, leads and Customers on an inteactive Google Map

Map View

Map view lets you visualise the location of your customers, leads and opportunities, and lets you drag and drop meetings to help you plan on-site visits.

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