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Quoting and Selling

In order to turn a lead into a customer, you need to gain trust & have a seamless selling process. With Tall Emu you can issue a quote faster & they look amazing. We give you multiple ways to take payment & sell.

Quoting and Selling

Generate professional quotes that your clients can accept and pay online and easily manage fulfilment and delivery of their order.

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Online Payment

Works with Stripe and eWay to payments online

Insta-Buy Webforms

Buy now links you can email, text or embed on any website.

Free Customer Portal

Customers can view service tickets, buy products, download or pay quotes & invoices.

Real-Time Inventory

Real-Time Inventory visibility, availability, prices and backorder management reducing the reason not to sell instantly

Task Management

Schedule tasks and events against your leads, customers, work orders & projects

file invoice dollar
Custom Online Quote Templates

Customise quotes with your branding ready for instant send and acceptance.

Product Lists Imported from Accounting Systems

Bring your product lists into CRM for easy quoting and selling either direct or through portals or online shopping pages.

Freight Integration

Realtime freight quotes and consignment generation.

Omnichannel Order Management

Process all orders in one spot (manual, portal, WooCommerce, Insta-buy)

Most Leads go through differant stages, use the stages that suit the opportunity

Customise Stages of your sales process

Define a sales pipeline that works for you. Customise your sales pipeline so it suits your needs precisely. Redefine the stages of your sales process according to your business definitions.

Intuitive view to get a clear picture of what stage and how many open ooportunies there are

Visualise Your Sales Process

Kanban view gives you an overall image of opportunities on the pipeline, letting you drag and drop leads to the right sales stage, mark leads as lost, won or reassign leads to different team members with ease.

Traditial Excel style view of Opportunities

Grid View

Grid view is a filterable excel-style view that lets you filter and sort items on the pipeline in a traditional way – create and save custom filters and layouts to drill into detail.

Within Tall Emu you can hunt for Prospects using a Map interface

Get More Leads

Prospect Hunter lets you search the map for leads and add them to CRM with one click – zoom in on any area, enter a business type and find leads that meet that criteria.

See Your Prospects, leads and Customers on an inteactive Google Map

Map View

Map view lets you visualise the location of your customers, leads and opportunities, and lets you drag and drop meetings to help you plan on-site visits.


Centralise Your Lead Management

Tall Emu makes running a sales team a breeze. Saving on time and effort but also give you real time data on your leads.


We make it easy to leads into the CRM. They could come for your accounting system, via website, out of inbox or via phone or Facebook campaign loaded from Excel.


We have many tools to help you know which leads are worth chasing, we enable you to market to them via drip feed emails, SMS campaigns or add to a remarking audience for PPC/social re-targeting


They many ways to visualise or report on the activity of the sales team. Not only can you set up reports but you can set targets and KPIs.

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