Take a look at our CRM case studies for an idea of what we have done for other businesses. In order to be able to write freely, we have not identified who these companies are. We are also protecting customers’ IP and respecting their privacy.

If you are serious about working with Tall Emu, we can give you more info as required and with our customer’s consent.


Relationship Management for NZ Government

Most CRM systems have contacts working at companies. In the modern interconnected world, this is no longer completely true. One contact may own or work for, or just have a role at several different organisations…  Read More


High End Hunter Valley Winery & CRM

Winemakers quite rightly focus on their art – and in many wineries systems and technology comes a distant second to oak barrels and cellar door amenities. One of the problems the winery had was a plethora of systems…  Read More


Regional Australian Builder

Our client contacted us after spending good money on MS Dynamics CRM software for their regional building business. The sales team hated dynamics – it was slow and as a result frustrating to use, and so the owner lacked…  Read More


Inventory Management for Manufacturing

A New Zealand based manufacturer experiencing extremely strong growth needed a CRM and Inventory Management system to allow their business to continue to scale. A key problem in fast sales in manufacturing is having the sales team keep track of…  Read More


Fast Growing National Company

A company selling nationally from its Newcastle location was struggling with the success of its digital marketing campaigns. A nice problem to have – but the business was unable to handle the leads it received in a timely…  Read More


Wine Telemarketing System

A young telemarketing organization with a good idea needed specialised systems for their business to grow. After several months working on a small scale with a paper and MS Excel based system, the management realised that …  Read More


CRM Integration

A mortgage vendor had implemented a successful web marketing strategy and was receiving leads daily through the web channel. Initially, the sales consultants manually entered these leads into CRM system for follow up …  Read More


Cheque processing in a large bank – Automation and Integration

A ‘big four’ Australian bank had a department that processes large numbers of credit card payments every day. This involved several systems and required a technical person to spend around an hour every day to manage …  Read More


Business System Integration & Automation Case Study

A company that specializes in providing training was using several disparate systems to manage different aspects of the business. This included a custom-built Access based application to manage their customers and training …  Read More