If customer information is currently locked in the heads (or the iPhones) of your sales team, then what happens if they leave?   If they are sick?

One of the main functions of a CRM system is to share data between employees in a business so that the customer database (and customer knowledge) is not lost and is easily accessible between all of the employees who need it.

For example:

  • Customer Notes and Essential Data
  • Shared Calendars & Tasks
  • List of Leads
  • Current Opportunities
  • Planned follow-up activities.
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Worth of a customer

CRM Features

Tall Emu CRM manages all aspects of your business relationships in one central system. It is the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-use customer relationship management systems designed specifically for your business, with powerful workflow, system integration and customisation capabilities to make sure it suits your business needs.

Total Contact Management

Tall Emu CRM offers a complete way to keep track of all your business contacts and company details in one place. Every single interaction by every member of staff is recorded and lets you gain a complete 360 Degree view of each customer at both the contact and company level.

Group Calendars and Information Sharing

Tall Emu enables your team to collaborate. You can Assign and manage tasks, manage projects as well as share calendars easily throughout an organization. Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices.

Targeted marketing to your customers

Tall Emu CRM Marketing lets you use what you know about your customers to target them using personalized marketing to increase their interest and the likelihood of a sale. Using Dynamic Target Lists, you can tell Tall Emu CRM to, for instance, “find me all customers who like Shiraz and live in NSW and then execute a campaign to mail customers who fit the bill.

MYOB & QuickBooks Accounting Link

Combine your accounting and customer information inside Tall Emu CRM for a complete business solution. You can import and export both customer and financial data between Tall Emu CRM and MYOB, QuickBooks or EXO providing an end-to-end solution from the shopping cart, payment gateway to the accounting system.

Simple to keep track of your business

One thing every growing business needs is reliable figures on what’s going on in the organization. The information provided by accounting systems only provides part of the story. Tall Emu CRM provides a quick way for managers to gauge the performance of staff and their business units using powerful query tools and graphical dashboards.

Integration with Outlook

Tall Emu CRM allows synchronization of Outlook contacts, emails and meetings. Emails to and from customers can quickly and easily become part of that customer’s history with a single click. Emails can be linked with specific projects or opportunities giving you a full view of the customer from multiple perspectives.

Multiple ways to access your information remotely

Tall Emu CRM can work in multiple branch offices, on laptops or via the web access module. It can be deployed flexibly to meet your business needs using a combination of realtime access (direct database), WebCRM (screenshot below in firefox) or using synchronization to give you access to your data when you’re on the road.

HTML Email, SMS, Word and Fax Merge

Tall Emu CRM has personalized HTML emails, word merges, SMSs and faxes. Each communication method offers full merge details capability allowing not just name and address, but data from other sources such as product information based on their buying preferences or purchase history.


Comprehensive security settings control which users can modify records and how they can modify them, including per user, per group, or per team options.

Shopping Cart

Tall Emu CRM connects with an online store to allow you to sell online but have all the data regarding the sales automatically posted into CRM for fulfilment and tracking. Never double-handle data again. With Tall Emu CRM you maintain your product lines inside CRM and it’s automatically uploaded to the Internet shopping cart.

Extend the Power of Tall Emu CRM

Tailor Tall Emu CRM to meet your unique business needs with optional customisation services. Tall Emu CRM can be extended to work with YOUR business systems, and to capture YOUR data. Either your internal team members can do this with some basic training, or outsource the problem to Tall Emu and let us deliver you an integrated solution.