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Automations and Workflows

Tall Emu gives your business the ability to have tasks, activities and data entry processed automatically using workflows automations that you create, or are inbuilt.

Streamline Your Business with Tall Emu

Imagine having someone work 24/7 and it didn't cost your business anything? Welcome to workflow automation. Here are the high-level reasons you need to automate more of your everyday tasks with Tall Emu.

Improved Efficiency

Workflow automation can help streamline and simplify repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Free up employees to focus on more high-value activities. This can lead to increased productivity, faster response times, and reduced errors.

Increased Consistency

By using workflows, businesses can ensure that processes are carried out consistently.

Reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. This can help improve the quality of work and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Better Margins

Workflow automation can help reduce the need for manual labor, leading to cost savings & better margins.

Automation can help identify inefficiencies & bottlenecks in processes, allowing businesses to optimize workflows and reduce waste. Automation can reduce the costs of rework or complaints.

You’ll be surprised just how much can be automated

Here are some examples workflow automation in Tall Emu


  1. Auto responder

Any contact with your business through a web form, can have an automated response created using Tall Emu CRM. No need to use a third party plug-in and your customer gets an instant message to acknowledge their interest. You can also add links or attach a PDF, which might give more information relating to their enquiry. There’s nothing like a good first impression.

2) Web form posting direct to CRM

TE CRM enables you to create your own web forms and when these are pasted into your website will automatically post the data directly into your CRM. This can be configured to alert the right people within your company so they can respond.

3) Automate follow-up.

The time between lead or customer contact and the follow-up can make all the difference between a successful sale and a lost opportunity. In Tall Emu CRM you are able to create an automated follow-up process. This can be done by personalised email, fax or SMS to the lead or a reminder sent to the sales person to give them a call.

4) Share data amongst all parts of the business

This enables the customer’s contact history to be available to all the people within the organisation. So now when a customer calls, there is no excuse for a call not to be responded to in a personalised way.

5) Dynamic Segmentation or Dynamic list building

This automatically and continually adds people to a list that has segmentation rules set. An example of this would be renewals. You could set a rule that says 30 day before a renewal date is due, an email gets sent to the client informing them that it time for renew. As this is automatic, not one customer will gets left out. If this was a mission critical service, like software or web-hosting or insurance cover, then this prompt would save a lot of heart ache. The application of this feature is endless.

6) Ring Ring “Good morning Mr Smith, I am David, how can I help you?”

Using our VOIP integration when a customer calls your company the CRM will tell your staff who is calling. The inbound call triggers the customers call screen to open. Even better who took the call and how long it went for will be automatically recorded. No more relying on your staff to do the initial data entry of this customer interaction. The call screen pop-up can be configured so that it requires a comment on the nature of the call or a selection made from a drop-down.

7) Tailored your communication to a New Lead

Your customer’s history is now in the CRM and with that you can segment and tailor the way you interact with them. But how do you do the same thing with a new lead that has only filled in your enquiry form or download an eBook?



Automation and Workflows

Create business specific workflows and automate tasks, activities and even save on data entry. Perfect for following up, notifying or updating customers or team members. Saving the business countless hours of manual labour and things don't get forgotten.

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Accounts & Billing

Auto follow up and charging credit cards and converting quotes to invoicing and posting to XERO or MYOB automatically


Automatic update of stock values, availability, and calculations of Landed costs and more

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Marketing Automations

Engage Leads by automatically adding them to drip marketing list to convert leads into sales

Customer Service

Auto logging of calls and enquires, updating customer records

Link with MYOB, XERO and More

Streamline and save on double entry with accounting integrations.

Recurring Invoicing & Subscriptions

We made running regular billing for products or services easy. Supports credit card payments and bank transfers

Better Control Credit limits

Each customer can have their own credit limits which means you can minimise incoming revenue risks on slow or poor payers.

Get Paid Quicker

With automatically issuing of invoices and the invoice reminder system, receiving payments swiftly from customers has never been easier.

Save on Data Entry

Regardless of where the data lives or created it is shared saving rekeying into multiple systems.

Financials at your Fingertips

Financial data is made available in Tall Emu CRM, Outlook addon and portal so no need to constantly log into accounting software.

Online Payment

Works with Stripe and eWay to payments online


Connect to MYOB and share company, contact, product, invoice and sales data.


Connect to Xero and share company, contact, product, invoice and sales data.

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