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CRM Customisation - flexibility built in

Tall Emu CRM can be customised to support your business. Be it through using your branding via template updates, the data captured, workflows you run and even how the CRM displays data. Plus more tweaks that make the CRM your own.

Customised Tall Emu CRM to fit your business.

Tall Emu CRM was developed to provide a middle ground between an expensive custom-developed system and an off the shelf system.  From the first day we started building it, we had one goal in mind – ultimate flexibility to suit the individual needs of our customers, without the expense of enterprise business systems.

The concept behind Tall Emu CRM is very simple:

  • Every customised CRM solution has certain functions that are required – sending email, collecting information about customers, leads, prospects and opportunities. We do all this out of the box.
  • Every business has a unique way of working – unique data to capture and a unique business process – and we can adjust the CRM to suit those needs.

Tall Emu CRM is designed to not only do the basics out of the box, but be completely customizable. For example, every single field can be moved, hidden or changed. New fields (or tables) can easily be created. Creating new forms, graphs and relationships becomes a setup task rather than programming challenge.

The CRM can easily be connected to third-party systems to streamline the flow of information around your business.

By providing the key capabilities in the standard package we save all of the development time and cost of the “basics” allowing us to concentrate on your customisations.

CRM Customisation

Ultimate flexibility to suit the individual business needs, without the expense of enterprise systems.

Custom Workflows

Same time with Workflows that automatically run based on trigger you set.

Filters and Layouts

Make the CRM your own by create filters of the grids of data and the layouts of the screens

Email Templates

Create as many templates as you need to for sales, support or any other use case

SMS Templates

Using SMS templates so that there is consistent and tailored message

Team Permissions

Assign users the rights & privileges based on what you deem appropriate access for security & privacy

Branded Invoices and Quote

Create Templates with layouts using logo, colours & company details are you require

Custom Forms and Data Structures

Create unique forms to capture information and store specific to your business.

Custom Fields

Create new database fields anywhere you like, and store data relevant to your business.

Automation and Workflows

Create business specific workflows and automate tasks, activities and even save on data entry. Perfect for following up, notifying or updating customers or team members. Saving the business countless hours of manual labour and things don't get forgotten.

Reporting & Dashboards

Automate lead to customer activity reports, view in tailored dashboards

Accounts & Billing

Auto follow up and charging credit cards and converting quotes to invoicing and posting to XERO or MYOB automatically


Automatic update of stock values, availability, and calculations of Landed costs and more

Sales Force Automations

Pushing leads through your sales funnel with smart lead scoring, lead allocation and follow up; making it easier to sell at scale and grow your business.

Marketing Automations

Engage Leads by automatically adding them to drip marketing list to convert leads into sales

Customer Service

Auto logging of calls and enquires, updating customer records

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