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Best CRM for MYOB AccountRight and (MYOB Add on)

Tall Emu connects with MYOB Accountright (standard, plus & premier) to help you make the most out of your MYOB data, and access it from any device, anywhere, any time.   You don’t even need to install MYOB to access the data. We also integrate with MYOB EXO Business

When you connect Tall Emu to MYOB, you can:

  • Remove the need to give access to MYOB to your Staff & Sales people
  • See all customers and contacts in grid and map
  • See all products and prices
  • See historical quotes, sales, invoices and payments
  • Create and send quotes, make sales and invoices and take payments.
  • Update from anywhere
  • Take voice notes, with transcription from your mobile phone
  • Data you update can sync back in to MYOB automatically

Why use Tall Emu CRM and MYOB together?

Our MYOB Accounting Link lets you sync CRM with your MYOB, to allow customer, invoice, payment and other important accounts data to be shared. We can have your MYOB Data in your CRM in minutes…Request a Demo to see this action.

Customers created inside CRM can be automatically created in MYOB, have an invoice created and copied to MYOB,  charge the credit cards and post the payment details to MYOB too.

MYOB information can be used as the basis for campaigns or promotions. eg: a list of customers who’ve bought more than $200,000 worth of products from you in the last year, but nothing in the last month.

Customer details and key financial information.

Accounting Link allows the transfer contacts and key financial information such as sales summaries and account balances into the Tall Emu CRM system.

You can also copy companies and contacts from Tall Emu CRM into your accounting system. Once information is transferred into Tall Emu CRM, it becomes available to all users even if they normally they don’t have access to the accounting system.


An example of this would be where members of the sales team using Tall Emu CRM can view customer account balances without requiring them to log into MYOB.

If you and your team are using Outlook for your email using our outlook plugin you can now see your MYOB data directly in your MS Outlook. See the screenshot above to see how it looks.

MYOB Data On your Phone with Tall Emu CRM

For more reason why to link go here – Benefits of Linking your Accounting software with CRM

How to I install Tall Emu CRM Accounting Link?

There’s nothing to install, every version of Tall Emu (including trial versions) can connect.  You can get instructions online here.   You can be up and running in just a few minutes (depending on the size of your MYOB file!)

Want to see more ?

The video below shows what can happen when you connect MYOB and Woo Commerce to your system to get powerful, single point of data entry and one source of truth.