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Web Forms

Save on double entry, get back to leads faster and win more business.

Automate your sales process.

Now you can have your web generated leads sent directly to your CRM. Nearly every company has a website, but very few have an easy way to respond to visitors questions and enquiries. Most contact forms simply send out an email, which is then not tracked and needs to be manually loaded to CRM.

Tall Emu CRM captures forms directly from your website and turns them into sales leads, product enquiries, opportunities, to-do items – anything. Customers who take the time to fill out your online forms are serious – don’t let the get away.

Webforms submitted on your website can be easily moved into Tall Emu CRM – automatically, immediately and with no copy and pasting.

How it works

  1. The user completes a form on your website.
  2. When they press the “Submit” button, the information is sent to the CRM automatically.
  3. The data is stored in the CRM database. This can trigger a sequence of business rules (workflow) to automate follow up tasks, such as emails and reminders.

The data is available, immediately and automatically, to users of the CRM system.

Business Benefits

  • Automate lead import from Web into CRM
  • Reduce the need for technical skills in creating web forms
  • Presents all fields and values from the Leads module
  • Turn ideas into action without needing to call out the tech team.

What can webforms be used for?

  • Contact Forms – Customer contact through the website can automatically create a lead/prospect and a “Call” item. Send the customer a customised “Dear Mike, Thanks for filling in our contact form” template email.
  • Support Forms – When a customer fills in a support enquiry, create a ticket in CRM, send them a confirmation and assign it to the appropriate technician for follow up.
  • Google Landing Pages – If running a Google advertising campaign, create an opportunity when someone completes a web form and link that opportunity to the Google campaign in CRM so you know which campaigns are bringing you business.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Give affiliates web forms to go on their website to collect customer details – secure in the knowledge that no leads will get lost and they will be correctly associated with the right affiliate inside the CRM.


Impress your potential customers with quotes that look great, are content rich and in their hands in moments. Australia's best Quoting tool for MYOB and XERO

Branded Quote Templates

Have quotes that fit your brand and supports your business

Lift the quality of the Quotes you send to customers that are branded and filled with images and content that get the deal over the line.

Quote Fast and Win

Once set up you'll have the ability to get the quote out fast

We make quoting easy because its linked to your inventory, built in freight quoting and the quotes can be sent via SMS or email and viewed and paid for online.

Save Data Entry

Reduce the over head and data entry at the same time.

Quotes once accepted and/or paid for are converted to an invoice and synced with your accounts.

Website and Ecommerce

Connect and sell to customers through your branded and ecommerce websites

Campaign Monitor Integration

Develop, deliver and track targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in CRM.

Mailchimp Integration

Send and track campaigns against customers in CRM.


Website forms automatically drop leads into CRM as an opportunity

Insta-Buy Webforms

Buy now links you can email, text or embed on any website.

Free Customer Portal

Customers can view service tickets, buy products, download or pay quotes & invoices.


Syncs product data from CRM to WooCommerce, saves double-entry data.

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