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The Best CRM for Campaign Monitor – Tall Emu CRM

  • Run email campaigns to specific targets held in CRM based on sales status.
  • Preset templates or easily create a campaign
  • Send personalised and segmented communications

About Campaign Monitor (Createsend)

Campaign Monitor is a simple email marketing tool that enables businesses to send personalised and targeted email messages.

By sending specific communications and promotions to customers based on behaviour or opportunity status, conversion rates and revenue increase.

Campaign Monitor has out of the box templates, an easy to use drag-and-drop builder, and behaviour-based segmentation list options which allow business to deliver targeted content to multiple contacts without any technical expertise.


How Does Integrating Campaign Monitor with Tall Emu CRM Help Your Business?

  • Develop, deliver and track targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in Tall Emu CRM
  • Linking directly with Tall Emu CRM, you can specify your targets based on CRM data, upload the target list to Campaign Monitor and run your campaign
  • Campaign Monitor is generally intended for bulk campaigns, which would result in better deliverability than trying to send via your own mail server


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