Website Integration with Tall Emu CRM

Integrate your Website to CRM

Do you have website and rely on that for leads and sales? Do you have forms on your website or have a Shopping Cart? If the answer to either of these is yes then Tall Emu CRM has some very neat things to help you.


Add Click stream to get information on what visitors that becomes leads or customers have been doing on your website, where they came from and what they are interested in. This is great for attribution, segmentation and creating dynamic audiences for re-targeting. Go here to Lean more about tracking website visitors in CRM.


Any form on your website can be modified to send the data directly into the CRM. What happens to them then can be customised based on your preference. We have done some very complicated lead allocation and followup strategies so that leads get dealt with in a timely manner.  In fact we are full of ideas and don’t mind sharing so please ask about this feature. Go here to learn more on Webforms

Shopping Carts

We like have our own shopping cartr plus we integrate to Woocommerce which is popular with WordPress website users. This is a two integration and once a sale happens or stock is no longer available the necessary adjustments in shopping cart, CRM and accounting systems just happen. Save resources, speed up delivery and keep your accounts up-to-date.

We are looking to bring on Shopify for CRM shortly.

Chat Client

We have built chat client that give you the ability to talk to website visitors, leads and customers. Because that client is linked to CRM and has previously recorded the credentials of every visitor it know when some who is in our database is on the website. You can even initiate the chat using their name or just pretend you are very intuitive. The choice is yours. Go here to see more

On Website Presence Alert

So if you have a quote with a lead and they come back to the website you might want to know if they are back on the website…especially if you’ve not heard from them in a while. Its a perfect time to reach out or it can update their record that they are still around and not a dead opportunity.

Here a few of the Website built by Tall Emu and that connect with CRM

N.B. We dont have to build the website to work with our tech. We often work with our clients web developers and prefer it. 

We have the ability to not only link your website or shopping cart with Tall Emu CRM but we can design it too.

We don’t just make websites that look good or are mobile friendly but we make them convert the visits into leads.

We also can give you advice regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies  and how to apply them. Having your website perform better is the main goal; not just look better.

If you are considering buying our CRM and you want a website that integrates with it get in touch and speak to us about what is possible.