Website Integration with Tall Emu CRM

Integrate your Website to CRM

Do you have a website, and rely on that for leads and sales? Do you have forms on your website or have a Shopping Cart? If the answer to either of these is yes – then the Tall Emu CRM has some very neat things to help.


Adding Clickstream allows you to collect information on every visitor. You’ll be able to see where they came from, what they have been doing, and what they are interested in. It will also show which visitors have become leads or customers.  This is great for customer insight, attribution, segmentation and creating dynamic audiences for re-targeting.

Go here to Lean more about tracking website visitors in CRM.


Any form on your website can be modified to send the data directly into the Tall Emu CRM. These forms can be fully customised based on your preferences. We have created some very sophisticated lead allocation and followup strategies so that leads get dealt with in a timely manner.  In fact we are full of ideas and don’t mind sharing, so please ask about this feature. Go here to learn more on Webforms

Shopping Carts

We integrate to WooCommerce, a popular choice with WordPress website users. With this integration, your website shopping cart is linked to your accounting software through the Tall Emu CRM. As all three softwares are linked, you don’t have to re-key a transaction three times. The Tall Emu CRM communicates current stock levels to WooCommerce, allowing your shopping cart to be updated in real time. It then relays this information to your accounting software so your books are kept up to date. Saving you resources, speeding up delivery and keeping you on track.

We are looking to bring on Shopify for CRM shortly.