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What are some of the challenges of integrating a CRM with MYOB?

by Rocket Agency

The “best” CRM for MYOB is subjective, and different types of CRM will offer different features. So it’s not surprising that integrating CRM software with MYOB can present a number of different challenges. Some of the most common include: 

  • Technical expertise: Integrating MYOB with other CRM platforms can be quite complex, and will require technical expertise. If you don’t have this type of expertise within your organisation, you may need to look elsewhere to find a contractor or vendor that’s appropriately equipped to assist.
  • Data security: Protecting customer and internal data security is crucial. Failing to do so can have reputational and legal implications. So when you integrate a CRM with accounting software like MYOB, it’s critical to have the right cybersecurity measures in place. 
  • Cost: The integration process can be expensive, depending on the MYOB and CRM version you are using.

The good news is that you don’t need to get started without help. There’s a whole range of Tall Emu CRM resources to help you diagnose, tailor and improve your CRM. Tall Emu support is also based in Australia – so you’ll have access to local help if you do encounter issues.

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