Need a CRM that can be customised to fit your business?

Tall Emu CRM was developed to provide a middle ground between an expensive custom-developed system and an off the shelf system.  From the first day we started building it, we had one goal in mind – ultimate flexibility to suit the individual needs of our customers, without the expense of enterprise business systems.

The concept behind Tall Emu CRM is very simple:

  • Every customised CRM solution has certain functions that are required – sending email, collecting information about customers, leads, prospects and opportunities. We do all this out of the box.
  • Every business has a unique way of working – unique data to capture and a unique business process – and we can adjust the CRM to suit those needs.

Tall Emu CRM is designed to not only do the basics out of the box, but be completely customizable. For example, every single field can be moved, hidden or changed. New fields (or tables) can easily be created. Creating new forms, graphs and relationships becomes a setup task rather than programming challenge.

The CRM can easily be connected to third-party systems to streamline the flow of information around your business.

By providing the key capabilities in the standard package we save all of the development time and cost of the “basics” allowing us to concentrate on your customisations.

Every business is different

It may sound obvious, but different companies need different things from their CRM. Building companies need to store different information to mortgage companies, and finance companies need to store different information again and need to access different systems or automate different processes.

To deliver CRM that’s customised to meet your every need, we keep in mind the following points.

1. Store the right data

It sounds simple, but the first step is to make sure your CRM can store the data you need.

  • What’s important to your business ?
  • What data do you need (or what data would you like to have available) to operate most effectively?

Tall Emu CRM allows you to create unlimited custom fields, making sure that limitations of your system don’t stop you from having the data you need at your fingertips.

2. Store it in the right structure

A big list of custom fields is great, but most businesses need something a little more organised than that.

For example, A hotel may be satisfied with having a simple custom field “Total nights stayed with us“ , but perhaps they’d rather have a list of each individual stay, including the price paid, the start date and duration of the stay.

With Tall Emu CRM not only can we store a lot of data, we can store the data in ways that makes sense for your business, your way – and if you’re not sure, our consultants can offer you practical advice.

3. Make it useful

Now we have a CRM with all your data, in the right format.  But this is hardly useful if your team can’t make use of it to improve service, sales and marketing performance.

In Tall Emu CRM all of the data can be made easily available to those who need it, in a pleasant, useable format which can be searched, filtered, exported to excel, reported on, charted, dashboarded and KPI set against it and measured,  or used internally within the CRM for marketing campaigns.

4. Connect your existing systems

We’ve worked hard to make Tall Emu CRM completely customisable to the way you do business.

Once the basic building blocks are there, the powerful tools within CRM allow you to connect your CRM solution to the rest of the business, and the rest of the world.