Tall Emu CRM allows literally thousands of KPI reports to be created, measuring every element of the CRM.

Using many pre-defined KPI Templates, you can easily measure every aspect of CRM from activities such as calls, quotes, sales and more.

Our simple click and set KPI system allows you to easily define your own reports, as well as have them automatically emailed to you on a schedule.   If your CRM has been customised to add new data structures, it is straightforward to generate new KPI rules to measure them.

 Invoices per Employee

The invoices per employee sample shows us key features of our KPI Report system:

  • Measure by count or value.
  • Set Target values
  • Automatic comparison between current and prior period using indicators to show trends
  • Automated chart per target item (in this case, employee) created.


 Sale Order per Employee

This KPI measurement demonstrates the use of a pie chart, plus the limiting to the top “X” results.  On the chart below, we’re showing the top 4 sales persons, with the remaining sales added to the “other” segment.