Data Segmentation in CRM

The one thing CRM is, above all things, is a repository for customer data, so it makes sense that you are empowered to segment it the way that is useful.

There are many benefits to segment your customer data but the main use is in your sales and marketing efforts. Tailoring your approach to each customer based on the information you have on them means that you have a greater chance to servicing them in the way that is in-line with their wants or needs.

Reward your best Customers or only pitch Products to the customers that are likely to buy these are just two segmentation strategies that are available to you when you segment you database of customers.

What makes segmentation easy in Tall Emu CRM?

In order to segment your data, you need to collect as much information as you can to get the full power of data segmentation. Luckily, we make it easy to quickly fill up your CRM with useful data

Ways to Segment your Data in CRM

  • By geography
  • By sales volume
  • By Product or Services purchased
  • By Age and Loyalty
  • By engagement
  • By Marketing Campaigns they been a part of
  • ETC….

Dynamic Segmentation in Tall Emu CRM

In Tall Emu CRM it is possible to create a list of customers for marketing purposes like Email marketing campaigns, based a segmentation rules. The dynamic nature is that the list in maintained by customers trigger or falling into the created segmentation definition.