Shopping Carts

Shopping cart sync takes the leg work out of order fulfilment. Streamline your sales channels to provide better service to your customers (and a more efficient experience for you team).

  • Centralised order management means you can keep your product, pricing and order information updated in the simplest way possible.
  • Sales sync ensures orders from your shopping cart are added to your database – helping you stay organised and speed up order fulfilment.
  • Accounting system links eliminate the need for double data entry to reduce admin effort from you and keep your systems updated at all times.

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Centralise Your Order Management

Streamline your order management processes by syncing CRM with your shopping cart.

  • Use our centralised database to manage your product and pricing information with ease, then automatically publish it to your shopping cart for use in online sales.
  • Minimise double data entry and reduce administrative strain by automating product updates and order imports.
  • Automatically import orders from the shopping cart for regular fulfilment by your team. Stay organised and never miss an order.

Automatic Sales Sync

Automatic sales sync keeps you on top of orders and speeds up order fulfilment. Shopping cart sync automatically updates the CRM with the information you need to provide high quality customer service.

  • Painlessly maintain complete order history, and complete history of customer transactions.
  • Details from sales in the shopping cart are automatically sent to the CRM for fulfilment by your team.
  • Streamline order processing by managing all your orders in a central database with set fulfilment steps.
  • Report on your data, or use it for marketing purposes, with the confidence that it includes data from all your sales channels.

Accounting System Link

Our deep integration with MYOB, Xero and MYOB Exo let you simplify your administrative processes. Eliminate double data entry and reduce the risk of data errors being carried through your systems.

  • Import existing products, customers and sales history from your accounting software.
  • Export new accounts, invoices and payments from CRM back to the accounting system.