Find New Leads

Tall Emu’s prospect hunter makes it easier than ever to find leads so you can save time you’d normally spend searching for and qualifying potential prospects.

  • Easily search the map for leads in a specific area.
  • Add the leads into CRM with one click to avoid data entry struggles and save on admin time.
  • Easily follow-up and track your leads with our pipeline, marketing and opportunity management tools.

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Lead Search Functionality

Tall Emu’s prospect hunter is a lead search tool that lets you effortlessly search the map for potential customers. Suppose you sell product to fish and chip shops. Simply search ‘Fish and Chips’ into the search bar and prospect hunter will find any businesses that relate to your search term. Then just can add them into CRM with one click for further follow up.

  • Simply target unchartered sales regions by searching the map for leads in a specific area.
  • Colour coded records show you which prospects don’t already exist in your CRM, and let you add them with one-click.


Mapping Tool for Meetings

The map views we include in Tall Emu are also handy for turning prospects into customers, letting you painlessly plan a day of meetings with potential (or existing) clients.

  • Simply drag and drop the contact records onto your calendar to schedule meetings with ease.
  • Rearrange or reschedule by moving the items on your calendar.
  • We’ll calculate estimated travel times so you’ll never arrive late to a meeting again.

Follow Up

To help speed up the transition from prospect to customer, Tall Emu is equipped with marketing automation functionalities that make communications a breeze.

  • We integrate with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor for easy distribution of EDMs and simplified list management for follow-up customer communication.
  • We integrate with BurstSMS for painless SMS marketing to help you nurture leads and sell more.
  • Customer segmentation lets you target the right people with the content to help boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Web Forms

Web forms simplify the acquisition process to help you generate leads.

  • Stay organised by automatically adding new visitor information to the CRM and removing the need for manual data entry.
  • Customise the perfect form to collect only the data you need and add it to your site for seamless lead acquisition.
  • Track, follow-up or create tasks for prospects so they are more likely to convert – assign to marketing lists, trigger further communication or track through the sales pipeline.