CRM Features

At its core our system helps you manage projects, opportunities, sales and customers so you can close more deals and accelerate business. We help you boost productivity by keeping you on top of key activity:

  • Lead generation tools help effortlessly find and record prospect data.
  • Collaborative, intuitive data recording lets you painlessly share key information and keep everyone in the loop.
  • Task, project and sales tracking functionalities optimise your pipeline so you can sell more.

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Team Collaboration

Boost productivity and efficiency by giving your team access to the information they need, when they need it.

  • Complete cloud functionality, lets you create and update records that are instantly available to the rest of the team.
  • Provide better service to your customers and close more deals by leaving notes, recording calls, adding tasks and uploading attachments to records for detailed information.
  • Give everyone involved a synchronised and up-to-date view of what’s going on with cloud access and updating.

Outlook Sync

Synchronise your email system with Tall Emu to reduce unnecessary rekeying of data saving both time and money, and ensure key information never falls through the cracks.

  • Make follow-up easy with email history shown directly on the client record so you’ll never be out of the loop.
  • Sync contacts and calendars, easily create opportunities or support tickets, and conveniently view current and historic customer data when it’s most valuable with our Outlook Add-In.
  • Boost productivity and get access to everything you need on one screen.

Tasks and Project Tracking

Our task and project management tools let you organise your team members and centralise key activities so your team can focus on getting stuff done.

  • Sync your to-do’s and timelines in Tall Emu so you never feel lost or overwhelmed again.
  • Easily sort tasks based on advanced criteria.
  • Add new tasks, edit existing tasks, add notes and update task status without hassle so you’ll never miss another to-do.
  • Use our Kanban view to intuitively track overall project status or reassign tasks between team members – getting rid of clutter and confusion so you can focus on getting to work.

Voice Notes

We understand time is valuable. If you operate in a busy or fast-paced environment, Tall Emu’s voice notes will help you minimise the effort required to keep your customer, opportunity and project records useful and updated.

  • Simply click and talk to capture key details in-the-moment and have them automatically transcribed into CRM for future reference.
  • Quicker than typing so it’s perfect for salespeople on the go – save time and take the pain out of note-taking.

Pipeline Management

Oversee and encourage sales with Tall Emu’s pipeline management.

  • Define the stages of your sales process and track your prospects through the pipeline with our highly visual data views.
  • Direct sales efforts to prospects likely to convert and close more deals with targeted follow-up.
  • Use your pipeline to predict results, track progress and direct attention to weak points so you can reach sales targets.
  • Optimise your sales process so you can make higher value deals more often.

Find New Leads

Our Prospect Hunter is the easiest lead generation tool you’ll find. You’ll save time normally spent chasing and qualifying potential prospects, so you can spend more time following-up, nurturing meaningful relationships and closing deals.

  • Prospect Hunter lets you effortlessly search the map for leads in your area.
  • Add new leads into CRM with one click.
  • Use our pipeline management tools to track them through the sales process so you can sell more and sell faster.

Web Forms

By eliminating the need for double entry of data, web forms simplify the acquisition process by collecting visitor information and adding it directly into CRM.

  • Build tailored web forms and customise form fields to collect only the data you need.
  • Set-up assignment rules for form submission and automate follow-up by adding prospects to marketing or sales lists that trigger additional information or sales attention.
  • Easily track or generate tasks for the prospects so you can develop strong relationships that are likely to convert.


Simplify your quoting process and fast-track sales by removing the barriers to quote acceptance.

  • Send quotes via email or SMS, accept online payment and convert quotes to sales orders in one click to speed up your quoting.
  • Design beautiful, branded quote templates that complement your products and encourage sales.
  • Q&A functionality and complex quoting functionality encourages sales by giving customers the information they need to convert.