Contact Management    BlueTick_20px
Opportunity Pipeline    BlueTick_20px
Outlook Synchronisation    BlueTick_20px
Communication: Email, Faxes, Letters and SMS    BlueTick_20px
Campaign Management    BlueTick_20px
Products and Pricing    BlueTick_20px
Asset Management and Maintenance    BlueTick_20px
Project Management    BlueTick_20px
Reporting and Dashboard    BlueTick_20px
Document Management    BlueTick_20px
Workflow Wizard    BlueTick_20px
Reporting and Dashboard Designers    BlueTick_20px
Accounting Link (MYOB/Quickbooks)    BlueTick_20px
ECommerce Modules    BlueTick_20px
Sales orders, Quotes & Invoicing    BlueTick_20px
Stock Control    BlueTick_20px
Multi-site Synchronisation    BlueTick_20px
Help Desk and Customer Service Management    BlueTick_20px
Add Custom Data Field    BlueTick_20px
Add Custom Data Tables    BlueTick_20px
ClickStream (Lead intelligence)    BlueTick_20px
Google Maps    BlueTick_20px
Import & Export of Data    BlueTick_20px
Batch Processing    BlueTick_20px
Dynamic Marketing Lists    BlueTick_20px
Offline Mode    BlueTick_20px
Web Access Module (Coming Soon)    BlueTick_20px
Telephone Integration    BlueTick_20px