Exo and Tall Emu CRM

The Best CRM for MYOB Exo Business (ERP System)

We are a member of MYOB’s Global Developer Network and integrate with the MYOB EXO (formerly EXONET) an ERP system.

Why use Tall Emu CRM and EXO together?

Our MYOB EXO Business link lets you sync CRM with your EXO system, to allow customer, invoice, payment and other important accounts data to be shared.

Also, the MYOB EXO Business doesn’t have a very good CRM system which is why we are always being asked to integrate to it. This enables the business to save thousands of dollars on licenses as they just don’t need as many.


People like Tall Emu because you can plug into more things and automate more like…

Connect your Outlook, Phone systems, your website or e-commerce platform, your bank, marketing campaign data like AdWords or Facebook. We integrate with many couriers.

You can automate communications and followups of leads and staff, debt collections, automation of bank transactions, drip feed marketing and much more.

If you we don’t do something, you get us to add that capability.

Save time in Exo

Customers created inside CRM can be automatically created in EXO, have an invoice created and copied to EXO, then charge the credit card and post the payment details to EXO too.

MYOB EXO Business Accounting Link plugs into Tall Emu CRM’s workflow module giving you extremely flexible control of how CRM interacts with EXO.

EXO information can be used as the basis for campaigns or promotions. eg: a list of customers who’ve bought more than $200,000 worth of products from you in the last year, but nothing in the last month.

Share Customer details & key financial information.

Accounting Link allows the transfer contacts and key financial information such as sales summaries and account balances into the Tall Emu CRM system. You can also copy companies and contacts from Tall Emu CRM into your accounting system. This way the information kept in your CRM and your accounting system is kept in-sync automatically.

Once information is transferred into Tall Emu CRM, it becomes available to all users even if they normally they don’t have access to the accounting system. An example of this would be where members of the sales team using Tall Emu CRM can view customer account balances without requiring them to log into MYOB EXO.