Batch Tracking

Batch tracking provides an enhanced level of product tracking and traceability that you require for compliance and organisation. Assigning batch numbers is simple and you’ll be able to:

  • Track and trace products as they move through the sales process.
  • Manage your inventory with batch visibility during sales.
  • Stay compliant with easy warnings and recalls for potentially affected batches.

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Easily Track and Trace

Provide traceability throughout the the manufacturing and sales process with batch tracking.

  • Full visibility of product from raw material manufacturing right the way through to sales.
  • View batch movements in a central location to painlessly follow the batch journey.
  • Less tedious, time-consuming product tracking – no need for Excel based batch tracking systems that might be used when running MYOB or Xero alone.
  • We integrate deeply with MYOB and Xero to provide batch tracking capabilities that are not natively supported in your accounting software.

Stay in Control and Stay Compliant

Whether its for compliance or peace of mind, batch tracking provides the traceability you need to consistently meet safety requirements as a business.

  • Provide high quality customer service when it counts with easy batch location.
  • Confidently and swiftly manage recalls or product warnings if issues arise within a certain batch.
  • Batch numbers clearly show which products may be affected, if those products have been sold and where those products may have moved to.

Manage Your Materials

Production efficiency should be the desire of any successful business. Manage your materials and inventory with ease when you enable batch tracking.

  • Easily allocate batch specific products during the sales process.
  • Sell the oldest batch first to keep on top of expiry dates, reduce wastage and minimise costs to your business.
  • Batch tracking gives your team the tools they need to make informed decisions and sell stock in the most efficient way possible.