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March 2023


What’s New with Tall Emu

Tall Emu CRM functionality continues to evolve – giving you and your team the best opportunity to achieve maximum efficiency.

Check out these great new features, which are out now on Tall Emu CRM & available to customers! All enhancements, updates and brand-new functionality are listed below, or watch the ‘show & tell’ highlights video.


  • For MYOB-linked databases, we added the ability to delete synced Invoices and Payments from CRM with the addition of a “Delete” button. This works by deleting the record in MYOB, unlinking the record with CRM and then deleting the CRM record. If the MYOB deletion is not successful (e.g. if there is a payment applied) you will get an error message and deletion will not proceed.


General UI

  • An “All” box has been added to Kanban View settings list to allow for quick selection/de-selection of options in bulk.

  • The pinning of Activities to record Timelines has been adjusted so that pinned items are now visible to all Users.

  • Addition of a button to reveal the last 10 recently viewed records in CRM.

We added the following views:

  • Added Kanban to Work Orders.
  • Added Dashboard to Products.
  • Added Dashboard to Opportunity.
  • Added Dashboard to Meetings
  • Added Dashboard to Calendar.
  • Added Merge Duplicates to Supplier Contacts.



  • Added the ability to generate a PDF job sheet (in addition to a service report) from the Preview button on the Job record toolbar. The PDF will open in a new tab.

  • Connected purchasing functions to Projects – tabs for PurchasesSupplier Bills and Requests For Quote are now available for use.


  • Added “Due Date” field to Supplier Bill. This field is set automatically using the “Created Date” and “Terms” fields (the same method that is used to calculate an Invoice due date).

  • New field on PO for Supplier Invoice Number, which will carry over to Supplier Bill.


  • In Reporting > Reports a new report for “Stock Value” has been added which generates based on the date run.





  • In Opportunities, we added 3 new Rules to Filters:
    • Assigned To User
    • Assigned To Me
    • Tagged As


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