Buying CRM Checklist

  • Is the CRM software to be Installed on your Server (On Premise CRM) or in purely in the cloud
  • Do you want or need your Data in Australia or Overseas
  • Are you after a Basic CRM or do you want business transformation
  • Which departments / teams are going to use the CRM software; Sales. Marketing, Operations or company wide adoption.
  • Do you want Local Support
  • Are you happy to buy through a CRM reseller or would you prefer to deal direct with the CRM software vendor?
  • What are the number of seats needed (now or in the future)
  • Are your staff on the road or always in the office
  • Do you want to do quoting and invoicing out of CRM
  • Do you want to Link you CRM Software to your Accounting system
  • If so does the CRM Software integrate with Australian accounting system or the one you work with?
  • Is the CRM software customisable
  • Do you want to link your telephones to your CRM to capture this activity automatically

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Who Needs CRM Software

We would say all businesses should use CRM software just so that the data is centralised and shared. Having individuals working purely out of their email inbox, calendar and the dredged black box…the Excel spreadsheet, will hamper your business. It results in poor communication among yourselves and customers. Things falling between the cracks, key person dependency, lack of accountability and so on.

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However, the type of companies that get the MOST out of CRM software are those that have some of the following baseline characteristics.

  • 2 or more people
  • More than 10 customers
  • Send or receive 10 or more quotes or invoices in a month.
  • Receives or make phone calls
  • Growing or wants to
  • Using excel spreadsheets to workout price, commissions, profit, conversion rates etc
  • Has a website that generates leads
  • Shopping cart that takes orders or Sales
  • Has one off or ongoing projects
  • Has more than 10 meetings a month
  • Has a membership to look after
  • Does outbound marketing like Email Marketing or Telemarketing

Here are some fun stats from around the internet on why buy CRM software