Sales Pipeline Management in CRM

Sales pipeline management is both the process or steps a sales goes through and your ability to influence in a positive way the likelihood of it getting through from an opportunity stage to actually becoming a customer.

Understanding the dynamic of your sales pipeline gives you an ability to predict and influence future cash-flow.

is a great indicator of a company’s health. It can literally show you the money (that you are going to make in the coming months). Manage your pipeline well and you’ll stay well organized and feel more in control of your sales figures.

What are the stages of your Selling Process and how do you measure it?

Each business is different and the steps or stages of a sale may also vary depending on what you’re selling. So you need to do some preliminary work to understand all these stages.

However, if you don’t record the stages or task or communications that go into the selling process then it’s impossible to get a clear picture.

After you define your selling process you can start to measure against it. How leads have we received, of those how many have we spoken to, what is the value of these leads, how many have received a formal quote or proposal? etc etc.