Mailchimp and Tall Emu CRM

MailChimp and CRM – Integration with Tall Emu CRM

Looking for a CRM Software that links / integrates with MailChimp? Then you’ve found it.

Combine the power of Tall Emu CRM and MailChimp to develop, deliver and track beautiful targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in Tall Emu CRM.

Linking directly with Tall Emu CRM, you can now specify your targets based on any of the CRM data, upload the target list to MailChimp and run your campaign. This is extremely useful if you are on an unreliable connection, do not have a powerful or “always on” server.

For the bulk sending of campaigns, using MailChimp’s enterprise-grade infrastructure is far better than trying to use your own mail server (or your ISP mail server) as you won’t be throttled.