Google Maps and Tall Emu CRM

Looking for CRM with Google Maps Integration

Our Google Maps integration lets you plot your data on google maps and use it interactively, directly within the CRM.

See Leads, Customers, Assets and more on a Google Map

Your customers (or jobs, tasks, or projects) are automatically plotted based on suburb or street location and can be colour coded depending on their status.   It’s possible to colour code based on their spending, the status of a task or stage of opportunity.

This could let you filter out customers who are overdue to see, or customers who haven’t bought anything from you in a while.

Trip Planner – Customer & leads on Google Maps

You can also use the map as a visual trip-planner.     Simply turn on the calendar and you can click and drag the pins from the map to the calendar – automatically making meetings which will Sync to your outlook.  Now, when you click on another pin, you’ll get driving time between the meetings to help with your planning.

At any stage, you can open a record by clicking on the “Edit” button on the pin. The screenshot below shows us clustered markers on the map – as we zoom in, individual pins are shown.



Google Driving Directions in CRM

Every address in Tall Emu has a clickable “Navigation” link.   This will give you driving directions to that pin from your current location.   Handy, while you’re out and about.


Precise Geolocation

If you enter in a GOOGLE API Key, CRM will locate your pins at precisely the street address.   It is also possible to manually drag and drop the pins to the right location – for example, on large properties you may wish to drag the pin to the entrance that you would normally use.

To set up this feature in Web CRM please see here.