Automate your business through Rules

Every business has rules that govern it and that need to be followed, whether your business is fully automated, manual or a bit of both, your business has rules and processes that need to be followed to get things done.

Top 20 Business Process Automations with Tall Emu CRM

Imagine your business rules as a flow-chart, now imagine you could click a button and the rules execute the processes that run the business. What would trigger the workflow running would be an event like a sale, new client or contract or a lead or opportunity; the list is endless.

With Workflow processes can be created to run automatically, with no human intervention. All you do is define the rules and the process will happen every time.

Let take a web lead that fills in a form on your website; once the submit button is pressed there is a chain of events that need to happen:

  • First, an email need to be sent to them confirming that the form has been submitted.
  • Then you need to have that email go to the appropriate people within the business,
  • the leads information need to be stored somewhere with date, time name, where from, etc.
  • Then you may need to send them some information a few days later or a phone call need to be made.

Benefits of Work Flow

  • Reduce human resources
  • Reduces human errors
  • Things get done in a consistent time frame
  • You can change the rules of business easily
  • Decrease overheads
  • Shorten the sales process