Business Need

A company selling nationally from its Newcastle location was struggling under the success of its digital marketing campaigns.   A nice problem to have – but the business was unable to handle the leads it received in a timely fashion, and they prided themselves on customer service.

When clients filled in online enquiry forms, they received a tailored PDF brochure and the enquiry details were passed on to the sales team.   When we first worked with this company there were over 110 different brochures – changes were time consuming and needed double or triple checking by their full-time graphic designer.

The problem was simple: leads were arriving from the website in inboxes, and being processed from there.   There was not any central point of organisation, the business processes were paper based and highly manual.   The company growth was potentially at risk as a result of their own success.

The business operates in a niche industry – competition is fierce and they sell nationally. They needed to have systems in place that can be quickly and cost effectively customised to suit their needs.

What we did

We installed Tall Emu CRM to centralise their data, so that the team has one place to look for the leads.   We connected the web site to the CRM using our web forms technology – so all enquiries were automatically created in the centralise database.

Next, came the problem of enquiry response.   The first task was to get their products and pricing loaded to the CRM.   This client uses pricing per location for competitive reasons and so this needed to be catered for by the system.

We then took the word templates which the company was using – and used these as the basis of auto-generated brochures, based on the then-current pricing inside CRM.

As a result of the lead volume, we used drip-feed marketing and auto-responders to make sure that every single lead received at least a baseline response.   The good leads (using client-specific lead scoring) were handed out to the sales team to call in order of quality.   Anyone who responded to the automated emails was also prioritised for follow up.

Finally, we linked in with the accounting system (Reckon Accounts), Outlook, and their telephone system.


Benefits were visible immediately. Centralised control of leads allowed the company to manage their lead pipeline, and every lead received follow up.

Customer service, the ability to report on the sales pipeline and the sales team were now possible.   The system started operation several years ago and has been consistently extended over the last few years as business requirements changed or new possibilities for streamlining were found.