Shopping Cart linked to CRM

Imagine if you could manage all of your products in your office, inside your CRM system. Maintain complete order history, a complete history of customer transactions  and publish your products to the internet without sacrificing any of the control and without redundant data entry? With Tall Emu CRM Shopping Cart, you can.

shopping cart

What is it?

Tall Emu CRM Shopping Cart is a powerful shopping cart that can be used alongside Tall Emu CRM to sell products online. The difference between Tall Emu CRM Shopping Cart and other shopping carts is that this one links directly into your CRM system.  This allows the CRM system to keep your shopping cart products and prices up to date automatically.
More importantly,  as sales are made inside the shopping cart, the details are sent quickly to your CRM automatically for fulfilment by your team using the same tools they’d use to fulfil other orders.

How it works


  1. Manage your products inside the CRM system at your office.
  2. Product data is sent over the internet to your webserver
  3. The Tall Emu CRM Shopping Cart interacts with the local web database to display products, and take orders from customers
  4. Completed orders (or even enquiries) are sent back over the internet to your CRM System
  5. At the CRM system, a workflow runs which updates the account systems, assign tasks, or does whichever tasks you may like to perform, for example
  6. Send the customer a customised templated order confirmation