Courier & Dispatch Management

By integrating to Australia’s leading courier providers we enable you to have the Sales data flow through to the fulfillment & dispatch part of your business. With this sales to logistic streamlining of your business we have removed the need to re-enter data and risk typo and transcription errors, saving both time and human resources.

  • Simple carrier integration
  • Ecommerce to dispatch management
  • Easy courier label generation

Freight Quotes in Web CRM

Our Web CRM allows you to get comparative freight quotes during the quoting process based on your sales location and the customer locations.

This is implemented using your own freight rates, so that you can see which courier gives you the best rates for a given destination.  This makes it quick and easy to generate quotes with marked up freight rates for your clients, making quoting accurate and fast.

Should the quote be accepted, we’ll save the freight quote for later conversion to a consignment.

You can see a short video below which demonstrates how to make a quote for products, and how to add freight to it.