The Best CRM for Training and Education Providers

Ideal for Training and Education Providers, Tall Emu CRM provides a selection of Course, Booking & Attendee Management tools to help you work smarter.

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Streamline the Management of your Training Courses

Tall Emu is the all-in-one CRM solution you need:

  • Seamless integration with your accounting system (MYOB, MYOB Exo and Xero) to eliminate cumbersome double data entry, boosting efficiency while saving you time and money.
  • Intuitive data views let you visualise key business information so you can make sense of your position and performance and use real data to make informed business decisions.
  • Centralised data storage gives you access to everything you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Student and Campaign Management

Tall Emu helps you optimise your interactions with prospects, students and alumni so you can foster mutually profitable relationships with everyone who deals with your business:

  • View communications and attendance information in our centralised, intuitive database so you can easily follow-up or get in touch with contacts to nurture existing relationships.
  • Automate your marketing using email or SMS (by integrating with Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp or BurstSMS) so you can reduce the input required to turn prospects into students.
  • Distribute key information and course details to attendees with ease using email or SMS automation, saving you time and resources normally associated with communications.
  • Track attendance, completions, achievements and more, all on the attendee record.

Training Course Creation 

Our system offers native course creation functionality which makes it easy to set-up training/education products that are tailored exactly to your requirements:

  • Easily create singular ‘Training Products’ or complex ‘Training Courses’ with different variations available to attendees – e.g. multiple experience levels.
  • Option to enter detailed information about the courses, including skills provided, training course manuals and pre requisites for admission so all course information is stored in a singular, accessible location.
  • Set up course controls including minimum guests to proceed, registration cut-off dates and more to automate your processes reduce strain on the admin team.
  • Our system makes it easy to view and communicate with registered attendees – simple email and SMS options let you send key information with ease.

Easy Bookings & Registration of Students

Tall Emu is equipped with a number of functionalities that make taking course bookings a breeze, helping you fill courses with less input by you:

  • Our online booking widget can be used on any webpage, giving attendees the freedom to make bookings via the web – information is sent directly to the course record in CRM, reducing administrative work for your team.
  • Built-in payment processing (using Ezidebit) lets you accept payment online.
  • Option to manually enter attendees in the case of face-to-face or phone enquiries.
  • Separation of bookers and attendees lets guests book for multiple attendees in a single transaction.

Work From Anywhere

  • Purely web based – no apps or software to install.
  • Works easily on any mobile device.
  • Quote, sell, track and manage data from anywhere.
  • Effortlessly take notes on the go with auto voice transcription.

Low Upfront and Ongoing Cost

  • Pure cloud – no server required.
  • Works with MYOB and Xero – no need to replace your accounting package.
  • Easy to get started – we can help get your data out of your existing software – whether it be custom databases or excel sheets – to get everything running in one simple, web based system.

Australian Business

  • Local ownership.
  • Local support.
  • All data hosted in Australia.

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Due to the unique requirements of Training and Education providers, we recommend booking a demo of the system to see exactly how it works for you.