Why Email Marketing?

Every day, millions of businesses‒from sole traders to multinationals‒send email to their clients, subscribers, suppliers, and partners. Commercial email returned a whopping $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009 a recent study has found. With email marketing provides the best ROI of any form of marketing,

Tall Emu’s Hosted Email Marketing

We have integrated with the worlds best email marketing platform and even better its based in Sydney, Australia. They are called Campaign Monitor and use their white label version which we give to as the same price as if you went direct. Only difference they share data.

Why Hosted Email Platform?

  • Better Delivery outcomes
  • Less risk to your mail server and network performance
  • Easily measure the success of your campaigns
  • Save on Administration Time
  • Focus on your customers, not on your technology

Why Campaign Monitor?

Our customers often tell us that they love how easy Campaign Monitor is to use, powerful and intuitive. This saves our customers time and makes sending emails very easy. Over a 1 billion emails are sent using Campaign Monitor per month. Here are some of things you get.

  • Free template gallery
  • Spam test before sending
  • Responsive designs  templates
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Local Support with speedy response times
  • Great online help and support forum.
  • A/b testing
  • Great Reports including Live view

Tall Emu CRM plus Campaign Monitor = Smile!

Without campaign monitor and tall emu sharing data you end up with important data in two system and things can get messy when that happens.

Here is a list of other benefits.

Who to send email campaigns to? Well what better place than starting this process by queuing your CRM data. You can make your target lists in here to your heart content.

You can have multiple lists and even set up dynamically created lists as your CRM fills up with data or customers change.

Make complicated Segmentation of your customers can be very fast in Tall Emu CRM.

Use your MYOB (or any other accounting systems that we’ve integrated to) data to create your list. I.e. Top Revenue producing customers or most profitable.

Campaign Results per customer that s part of an email campaign are sent back and visible against their CRM record and available to view.

Create powerful reports that only your CRM can produce. For instants you could create a report that says “show me if we received more sales from customer that opened or where part of a campaign then those that didn’t open a campaign or was in the target list.

Record sales that happen offline to your email marketing campaigns.