CRM Marketing with Tall Emu CRM

Marketing today involves lots of different channels and touch points all contributing to you nurturing leads into a sale. It is forever changing so it important that your marketing activity are centralised as much as possible.

So regardless of the marketing channel you use, you need one central place to manage, send mand store this activity.

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) is made easier with CRM

The other advantage of having CRM capturing your marketing activity, is that a lot of the sales conversation and final closing of the sale happens offline.

The CRM knows who is part of what campaign, how many time they visited the website, what pages they visited and what was the referring source. So when that person or company buys (especially through our integrations with phone, bank account and your accounting systems) we can join the dots and do better attribution and work out the conversion rates , ROI, Life Time Values and much more.

Omni Channel Marketing with CRM

Tall Emu supports all types of marketing campaigns; from the traditional to the online marketing and social media.

Using your CRM as the hub of this activity gives you the ability to merge the marketing with the outcomes being lead generation and ultimately sales.

So whether you market online or offline we capture the results.

Here is a list of marketing activities that we support:

  • Emails (EDM)
  • Auto responders
  • SMS & FAX
  • Brochures sending
  • Telemarketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • PPC/CPC (Google AdWords etc)
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Mass Mail Outs
  • Drip feed Marketing
  • Remarketing Audiences
  • Promo codes

CRM Marketing – mining your database for Gold

When your CRM is all seeing and knowing it is a great resource for finding opportunity to sell more to your existing (lost and past) customers.

Using the CRM you can start to make targeted campaigns based on the information you already know about a customer. With a bit of thought you could find ways to increase the share of wallet that you get from the customer.

Opportunities to up-sell, cross sell or get them to refer more businesses…its all there with some time and effort.

So take advantage of maximizing the money you make from your current customers by using the CRM to find the gold.

Marketing Automation with CRM

The other area that only a powerful CRM can provide and that is marketing activity that is automated and working when you are not. Effort here is your most effective use of your time.  Discuss with your Tall Emu CRM consultant what marketing automation strategies you could adopt for your business.