Mobilise Your Team with Tall Emu CRM

Tall Emu CRM makes working from home easy. Take the necessary steps to mitigate risks, reduce team disruption and maximise productivity while working remotely with Tall Emu.

Data – Anywhere, Anytime

Give your team access to the tools they need to close deals, make sales and develop strong customer relationships – anywhere and anytime. Whether your team works from home, the office, or on-the-road, Tall Emu’s cloud-based CRM gives you centralised access to key business tools and information.

Stay organised and boost productivity with easy access to:

  • Online quoting, invoicing & payments
  • Customer records & purchase history
  • Pipeline management & opportunity tracking tools
  • Calendars, call logging & task generation
  • Lead search functionality & meeting mapping
  • Accounting system data sync

Send Quotes, Accept Payment Online

Working from home no longer means business needs to slow down. Our online quoting module fast-tracks the quoting process and increases sales efficiency so you can sell more. The best part – it’s completely cloud based. You can send or edit quotes, generate invoices and take payment from anywhere.

Streamline your sales process and sell more with:

  • Automatic sales-sync with an integrated accounting system
  • Online quote designer, generator and editor
  • Online quote acceptance, one-click invoicing, online payment
  • Customer Q&A, directly on the quote
  • Inline freight quotes, added with one click

Track Performance with Data Views & Dashboards

Stay on top of activity and performance from afar with Tall Emu’s data views and dashboards. Use our highly visual Kanban view to stay organised and direct resources to the deals that need them most. Make informed decisions and keep team members accountable with our built-in dashboards. View historic trends and filter data by company, employee and more to track performance and stay updated.

  • Manage sales, projects, opportunities
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Customisable pipeline stages
  • Sort by salesperson or by stage
  • Dashboard performance management

Accessible Accounting

Tall Emu integrates seamlessly with Xero, MYOB and MYOB Exo accounting systems. You’re able to sync information between the two systems from anywhere. Save time and resources by eliminating double data entry automating your business processes. With cloud access to your sales, invoice, payment, product, customer and accounts data, your team can maintain peak performance from home, the office, or on the road.

Integrating your accounting system means you’re able to keep your finger on the pulse, ensuring your team can always:

  • Make sales and generate quotes
  • See stock and inventory data
  • Manage client visits
  • Manage customer accounts

Virtual Communications

Tall Emu keeps you connected and allows for seamless communication and flow of information. Beyond our solutions for centralising your data, Tall Emu tracks calls, meetings, tasks and projects – with Calendar functionality as well as Telephone and Email integration.

Communicate efficiently from anywhere:

  • Telephony integration for call tracking and streamlined call services
  • Team and individual calendars for meeting, task and call scheduling/management
  • Project management with Kanban Board view for easy follow-up
  • Voice notes functionality to painlessly add notes to a record


As a team, we also use a number of third-party services that help us stay connected.

  • Zoom Meeting (for demos and productive client meetings)
  • Rev (for easy transcription of online interactions)
  • SIP/VOIP handsets from Novum Networks (for a painless phone system that works wherever there’s an internet connection)


$45 per user per month (plus GST)

Tall Emu CRM is a powerful, affordable, Australian owned and supported system that has the ability to unleash your true potential. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss the perfect solution to your needs.

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