Connection: Proprietary SDK (connects to the HQ Server) ShoreTel ShoreGear
Driver required: Included
Firewall ports required: RPC (TCP 1024-65535)
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
9.1 or newer
Connection requirements: TAPI Application Server (SKU30049) license
Other notes:
Directory download: Extensions, groups, and trunks


Go Connect Server uses the ShoreTel SDK to talk to the ShoreTel HQ Server over RPC (TCP).

Go Connect Server Installation Notes

The Application Server requires a TAPI Application Server license key to be installed on the PBX (for your convenience, ShoreGear comes with a 45-day trial license). You can check what licenses are installed on your PBX by going to the System Parameters…> Licenses… page in ShoreWare Director. Once the Application Server has been configured and the license installed, simply tell Go Connect Server configuration the IP address of the ShoreTel HQ Server. You will also need to enter the trunk access code for making external calls (usually 9).


SIP trunks are not fully supported. Call transfer and other operations produce unreliable results.