Connection: Proprietary (OAI) Mitel Axxess (InterTel)
Driver required: None
Firewall ports required: TCP: 4000 or 4001
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
Axxess version 11
5000 version 3.1
Connection requirements: Network card (or Transceiver) and sufficient PAL points for OAI Monitor and Call Control
Other notes:
Directory download: Extensions, agents, and trunks


The Mitel Axxess and 5000 connect to the LAN via the network interface. Go Connect Server uses OAI protocol to communicate over a TCP connection, either directly to the PBX or through Mitel’s CT Gateway application.

Go Connect Server Installation Notes

To perform an installation you will need to know the IP address and port number of the PBX or CT Gateway server. You will also need to know the system OAI password.