Importing Data from other Systems, CRMs’, Accounting Software and Excel

If your business already uses a CRM system, a custom database, an excel spreadsheet (or 100 of them) we can help get your data into Tall Emu CRM.

Import data from Old CRM

We have built tools which will help us import data from other CRM systems, and we can get your existing CRM data properly organised inside Tall Emu CRM.

We have migrate people form the following CRM system

  • ACT CRM Migration
  • MS Dynamic Migration
  • Maximizer Migration
  • LeGrand CRM Migration
  • Salesforce Migration

Import Data from Excel or CSV files

If your business runs off one or more Excel spreadsheets, we can help get it organised, cleaned up and imported into Tall Emu CRM for you.

Import Data from Accounting Systems

If your business data is inside XERO, MYOB, Quickbooks and Reckon or other accounting systems we can bring that into CRM too, giving you a clean source of data.

Import from custom databases

If you have a custom-written database that doesn’t make the grade any more, we can import this data into CRM as well.  We don’t necessarily need the co-operation of the database author to do this.

Please contact us for more information.