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You can still use Outlook with CRM!  Tall Emu CRM links with Outlook seamlessly using our Inbox 360 Outlook Plugin.

Imagine how useful all the data in your Outlook would be if it was shared with everyone else. Now imagine that multiplied by every person in your business.

With our Inbox 360 you can:

  • Sync and share your Outlook calendar with CRM.
  • Easily import email from Outlook
  • Create Opportunities or Customer Support requests directly from your inbox
  • Sync contacts between CRM and your Outlook making them accessible on your mobile device.

Organise yourself better

Using the Outlook Plugin, you can associate email messages with a customer – with an opportunity, a task, a project or a quote.  You get a full history of yours – and others – email interactions with the client.

Quick Q&A

Q. What versions of Outlook are supported ?

A. Inbox 360 works on Outlook 2007 and above.

Q. Does it work with MS Exchange

A. Yes, it does.

Q. Does the plugin work with Office 360 ?

A. Yes, Office 360 is supported.