Unify Your Business with Tall Emu CRM

For CRM to be truly transformative for a business needs to connected to as many systems and third party software’s that it possibly can.

Tall Emu CRM can connect Out of the box with a huge list of existing business systems:

Outlook, MSWord, Email, Accounting systems, credit card providers, All Australian Banks, freight providers and couriers, websites and shopping carts and much more

Tall Emu CRM connects to the following


Australian Accounting Systems



Mass Email (EDM) Platforms




Couriers For Shipment and Dispatch


Australian Post and CRM integration




Websites, E-commerce Platforms. Payment Gateways


Credit Card Payments showup in CRMwoocommerce and CRM




Over 80 Telephone Systems





Credit Cards, Bpay and EFT


Mass credut card processing in CRM




SMS Marketing Platforms