Tall Emu CRM allows you to quickly store documents in a centralised database, link them to customers, contacts and opportunities and use them in mail (and email) merges.
Using the document merge system you can automatically produce brochures in a variety of formats based on your current prices.

Share and Manage Documents

Tall Emu CRM contains a document management system that allows your business to upload all important documents, such as price lists and product specifications, in one centrally accessible location where they can be shared by all business users.

Manage and use documents in CRM

Once in the system, documents can then be used in email marketing campaigns and email template generation. This is incredibly useful, for example, sending out customised proposals, fast. Simply prepare a template marketing email and attach the necessary documents from the document management system. When the email is sent, the document will be attached.

Documents in the system can be arranged in either a classical hierarchical list of categories or more powerfully by the use of flexible ‘tags’. You could tag a document in as many ways as relevant for your business, for example, proposals, Asia, Chinese, Korean.

The flexible document tagging system means you aren’t restricted to a rigid category structure into which all documents must fit.