Connection: Proprietary Mitel 3000
Driver required: None
Firewall ports required: TCP: 4000
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
902 or later
Connection requirements: Broadband Plus module (hardware) and Click-To-Dial licenses for all required users. Note: only certain handsets are supported
Other notes:
Directory download: Extensions


The Mitel 3000 / BT Versatility is connected to the LAN and configured using a serial cable directly connected to the PBX motherboard. A Broadband module is needed to allow IP connectivity. Once this is installed it can be accessed over the LAN via a web browser to be configured.

Go Connect Server Installation Notes


Firmware version v902 is required. Only Digital and IP handsets can be controlled. Deflect, blind transfer, conferencing, internal hold and pickup are not available. Analog handsets are not supported. The initial state of extensions at startup is unknown. Calls to numbers in the system speed dial list causes the number to not be shown.