Connection: Proprietary (XSP and OCI) Broadsoft Broadworks
Driver required: None
Firewall ports required: TCP: 2208 (for OCI) HTTP: 80 (for XSP) These would normally be intrinsically open. If there is a firewall issue, it is more likely to be a restriction to ‘known IP addresses only’.
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
14 or later
Connection requirements:
Other notes: The username will be used to download the other devices / users. It needs to be configured to have security access to this information. Only one password is supported for all users. Thus all configured users need the same password.
Directory download: Extensions only.


The Broadworks platform is a hosted solution normally using Snom or Polycom handsets. These handsets typically provide a full range of functionality (ie Answer, Hold, etc.) The maintainer will need to ‘permit’ remote IP address to have access to its features. This may already have been done if handsets already exist at the same site as the telephony server.

Go Connect Server Installation Notes

It is important to enter the correct values for the respective servers. If problems exist try using ‘Telnet’ to check that you can access the respective TCP ports.


The connection is vulnerable to changes in password. Please remember to change the configured password if it changes.