Connection: TSAPI / Telnet Avaya Definity
Driver required: Included
Firewall ports required: To PBX – TCP: 23 (Telnet)
To TSAPI server – TCP: 450 (TSAPI)
Plus additional TCP ports: 1020-1200 (TSAPI)
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
Avaya Definity: Release 7 or later Avaya Communication Manager: CM3 or later
Connection requirements: Basic TSAPI licenses to cover the number of required extensions, plus any physical transport (ie C-LAN, MAP-D) as appropriate
Other notes:
Directory download: Extensions


The Avaya Definity connects onto the LAN via the C-LAN interface and the MAP/D card. A separate TSAPI or AES server is also required. The Avaya Communication Manager connects onto the LAN via the Processor Ethernet connection (or C-LAN interface). A separate AES server (version 3 plus) is also required. The IP address and other settings of the telephone system are set through the Telnet programming interface. Named licenses are not supported.

Go Connect Server Installation Notes

To perform an installation you will need: The IP address of the PBX (C-LAN) and a valid username and password for the Telnet interface The IP address of the TSAPI server (or AES server) and a valid username and password for the TSAPI interface


A working TSAPI / AES server should be configured and tested before attempting to connect. Most problems tend to be around the area of users and their privileges.