Businesses need to digitally transform and embrace automation to survive and grow

Most businesses start off with adequate business processes and systems, but as they become busier and even more successful, they become enslaved to these systems. They are basically in a holding pattern that seems too difficult to change.

For a growing business to scale to a big business, you need to start thinking about what it is you do and ask yourself “could this be automated” or “is this even necessary”?

“66 percent of small businesses still handwrite invoices, use word processing programs and spreadsheets”

Don’t have time to change to new system?

You simply cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different results. If you do, you may not survive because someone in your space will be brave enough to change; so don’t get left behind.

The saying “can’t see the wood for the tree” really applies here, so we like to talk to our customers and leads about their current business processes and systems and map out a new more efficient way of working.

When we do, you can see the excitement come back into their faces and they have a renewed energy for their business.

Spend more time where it’s needed – getting more business

Every business, lives or dies, by its ability to get more sales into the business – this really is the lifeblood that keeps the doors open. Automating your business and working smarter gives you your time back to focus on making this happen.

As an consultant, it always amazes me the difference it makes when we can get the clients to focus on a particular outcome (for instance, more seminar bookings) and just how quickly we can actually make it happen. It happens purely because we put our collective energies and focus on it. It’s that simple.

A business that consumes you by its laborious processes, form filling, double entry, systems that can’t be accesses from anywhere, silo’ed data or isolated systems that don’t talk to each other…all this will have you treading water or make you so tired, you’ll just drown as a business.

Are you one of those businesses? If so its time to change.

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