Connection: TAPI Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise (OXE) Alcatel 4400
Driver required: Yes, TAPI
Firewall ports required: Various
Firmware version required:
(for new installations)
7 or later
Connection requirements: TAPI license (code 143) for each monitored extension
Other notes:
Directory download: Extensions


The Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise connects onto the LAN through the network socket on the front of the unit. The local IP address and other network settings are set through the administration software.

Go Connect Server Installation Notes

To perform an installation you will need to first install the Alcatel OXE (4400) Tapi Server driver. The telephone system will also require a TAPI license (code 143). The licenses are bought in blocks of five extensions. The TAPI server configuration allows you to select which extensions use the licenses.


Calls are not fully tracked during transfers. Calls to broadcast ring groups do not present properly. The call only appears visible at one of the ringing extensions.