In this video, we demonstrate the Temando Integration with Tall Emu CRM.  See how easy it is to book a courier online, electronically with Tall Emu CRM.

See full transcript below. Please note that the transcript is not 100% perfect and will contain errors of spelling and grammar and just incorrect heard words.

We’ve made our quote. We’ve added shipping. We got the freight quote from Temando which took all of 10 seconds, and we’ve satisfied the customer.

Let’s say we want to take that a little bit further. Now, the customer comes back and accepts our quote. Quote Q-4 was the one we created. Double click it. We can see the details are here. We’ve got the widget. We’ve got the freight. We’ve got the shipment which is actually just a shipment quote. Nothing is actually going to happen until we go progress this. Let’s go progress it. Create the sales order. This is going to convert my quote to a sales order. There we go. You’ll see that it’s brought all the detail across and it’s also brought across the shipment. At the moment, all we have on our shipment is the quotation.

What I can now do is go into the quotation. I can see again, if this is a live system, there might be four or five different quotations here. What I’ll simply do is I’ll select the one that I want and I click make a booking. This is now contacting Temando, making a booking. When the booking is made, it’s going to download all the paperwork.

Now, I stress this is the test system, so nothing is actually going to happen here. It’s all just going to be test order but I can see now, I have a consignment document which I can view. In this case, it’s going from Tall Emu Peter Parker at Tall Emu to Chelsea Mosset. It’s printed out some sample documentation. That’s it, courier’s book is on the way. We better get these things stuck on the box. There we are. Save that off. We’re done.

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