Obtain efficiency by getting real-time quotes for couriers directly in CRM.  This video shows you how.

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In this video, I’m going to do a quick demonstration of the new shipments feature in Tall Emu CRM, in particular showing how you can get instant freight quotes from Temando. In Tall Emu CRM, when we want to quote somebody for something we can go and select the customer, the person who we’re sending the quote to. I’m going to just add the item on the quote. Now I’ve already prepared this item with the correct sizes and dimensions and so on. This customer already exists in CRM. Everything is all setup correctly for us. I’m going to hit the shipment button, which will request a new shipment. As we can see, we’re sending from head office. The contact here is Peter Parker. That’s who I’m currently logged in as. It’s going to the customer [Chelsea Mosset 00:00:45], to the contact Bill Smith. You can see it’s pulled in the addresses. It’s pulled in a destination address. If the customer has other addresses, we can select from them. I’m going to use this Collins Street one. Down at the bottom here, we’ve got one item and one package. That’s all pulled in from the product system, which I won’t show you right now.

What I will show you is how to actually request the quote. We go to courier, and we click request shipment quotes. This is our contacting Temando. It’s getting pricing on shipping goods from, in this case, York Street to Collins Street in Melbourne. That’s done. Now this is using the Temando system. It’s using the demo system. The pricing isn’t correct. It’s only giving us one, but it’s enough just to demonstrate. Here I can see the courier is Temando, the carrier is Hunter Express, one-day service: $9.25. What I can now do is I can say, “Yes, I’ll accept that.” I’ll save and close. What we’ll now find is back on our quotation, we’ve got freight on there. It’s that easy. [00:02:00] Now I can preview the quote. I can see small blue, which is $120; freight by Hunter Express, $9.25. There’s our total. Save and close. If I want to get that quote off to the customer, send quote, and away it goes. This is using a sample email template. The quote’s attached as a PDF. Job’s done. How easy is that?

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