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Inbox Insights makes your Outlook inbox smarter. Whenever you receive an email, Inbox Insights shows you important information at a glance, right there alongside it in your Outlook. It’s completely automatic, amazingly useful, and beautiful to use. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t be able to live without it. Let’s take a look at some of the key features.

Summary Tab :    Play

The summary tab gives you a summary of the relationship with this person or organisation. It shows you a combination of personal details, financial details and activity details. Whenever your team receives an email from someone at this organisation, you’ll get an instant heads up – including their current and overdue balance. Many of the fields are also clickable, including the phone number if you have our CTI software installed.

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Sales Summary Tab :    Play

The sales summary tab gives you a bit more detail on the financial side of things. If the customer has open invoices you can see them along with the amount and due status. You’re able to easily see what the customer has bought and how the sales are trending over the last 6 months. Again, many of these fields are hyperlinks so if you want to see what’s on an invoice, or why it’s overdue, the information is just a click away.

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Influence Tab:    Play

The influence tab shows how much sway this person has, and what opportunities are present. If they have open opportunities with you, you can see the status and value. You’re also able to see which opportunities they may influence at other organisations you deal with. Lastly you can see what business they’ve sent your way.

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Support Tickets:    Play

Support tickets show open customer care issues. The tickets are broken down into new and overdue tickets, and any one can be opened with a click. Finally, we see the activities tab. This shows the complete set of interactions with the organisation you’re dealing with. It can include emails, website visits, web forms completed, tasks, notes, calls and meetings. It’s all in chronological order so you can see the history at a glance. If you combine this with our phone system integration too, this updates automatically.

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Sync with CRM:    Play

Lastly, you can use inbox insights to sync emails, contacts and calendar with CRM, as well as create opportunities, tasks and support tickets in CRM based on emails you receive. Inbox Insights works with any version of Outlook after 2007. It doesn’t matter which mail provider you use. It will also work with Exchange or Office365. You can read more about Inbox Insights on our website. Once you’ve got it installed, you’ll never see outlook in quite the same way ever again.

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