This video runs through the general layout of Tall Emu CRM.  How to find data in our powerful grid-based system, and general navigation.

See full transcript below. Please note that the transcript is not 100% perfect and will contain errors of spelling and grammar and just incorrect heard words.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at Tall Emu CRM. I’m going to go through how the program looks, how the data is stored, how to access it, and generally what it looks like. In the first case, I’m going to login using a limited user. The limited user has access only to a few parts of the system. It’s more typically what you would see in day-to-day use of the application. Here we see how the system is organized. Along the top here we have the main tabs, which correspond to the major functional areas of the system. In company, we have a list of companies. In contact, we have a list of contacts. In activity, we have our calendar as well as lists of activities. As you can see on the menu here, opportunities where we have our sales opportunities. Selling, as you’d expect, contains lists of products, quotes, sales orders. On it goes. We have the project manager module, the marketing, document management, dashboards, and product administration modules as well.

What I’ll show you now is every single button on here, every single field. It can all be security controlled. For example, if you don’t want somebody to see the marketing tab, you can turn it off. If you don’t want somebody to see product administration features, you can turn it off. The same goes for every single button, every single field inside the CRM. It’s completely tailorable in terms of the security to what you need. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to log off. I’m going to log back on as an admin user. You can see when I log back on as the admin user a whole set of tabs along the top here are revealed.

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